How long is the Manufacturer’s Warranty?

The warranty is 1 year from the date of purchase.

What is not covered by the Manufacturer’s Warranty?

  • Burned voice coils from overheating or DC voltage.
  • Broken speaker baskets.
  • Broken or creased cones due to abuse or other physical damage.
  • Damaged dust caps.
  • Broken diaphragms from low frequency.
  • Previously reconed speakers.
  • Broken speaker terminals.
  • Complete speaker destruction.
  • Any Physical Damage from Misuse
  • Fire damage, water damage, lightning strikes or other ‘Acts of God’.
  • Excessive excursion causing damage to voice coil former, damage to cone or spider/suspension, damage to diaphragms from contacting the phase plug.
  • Return shipping costs for speakers found to be functioning properly.
  • Shipping costs to send the speakers for warranty review.
  • Speakers returned without prior authorization.

What happens if my item is covered by Warranty?

Black Diamond Audio will replace the product in question. If it is deemed necessary, Black Diamond Audio will either replace the entire product with a refurbished unit or it will be replaced with a model that is similar in price if that model is no longer available. The cost of shipping to the consumer is covered under this warranty.

Disclaimer: If you purchased through eBay, Amazon, Walmart, or another selling channel you will be responsible for shipping.